Things I've learned with a mini fun website
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Things I've learned with a mini fun website

Things I've learned with a mini fun website

My Friend's birthday was last week. Amid Lockdown, I guessed he couldn't have any party and don't wanna make him feel bad about that. I thought of wishing him in a some unique way. Searched for some Birthday website templates like we have many templates for wedding, other events. but couldn't find any.  So made my own birthday website.

What matters the most is how well you committed to your efforts


  1. Make a rough plan
  2. Imagine or Sketch the layout
  3. Frame Deadline
  4. Deliver on Time

Make a rough plan
we don't need a perfect plan.
yes, just start with a list what we like to develop.
research what you want the project to be.
browse as much as you want and Jot down the things you want to use in project.

before start the layout. Imagine how the site you want to look.
then sketch it or start with the layout

It depends on what you are familiar and project needs.
I chose Nuxt.js. It took max. 25 hours to complete the site.

Frame Deadline
well, for my project deadline is inevitable because it's a birthday site.
framing a deadline will help us to be more committed to the work

Deliver on Time
A mistake I did is in this place. I was working till last minute. so I missed to test.
For interactive UI sites, testing responsiveness is must.
Last day is only for testing. Check for responsiveness, production ready environment.

I don't have much thing to talk about the project. its a simple html website where I developed for a birthday event.
You can check the code here

Some of the components used are from codepen.

Here are the links: